Welcome to Young Indians Foundations

Young Indians Foundations, the trust was formed in 2017.

It was found by Managing Trustee, Dr.R.C.M.Vishnu Prabhu , An Eminent Busnisess man and good samaritan from Coimbatore.

As the name reads ”Young Indians Foundations”, the trust focuses on the activities that enable the development, growth and upgradation of Youngsters in India.

Many youngsters and students form the integral part of it and voluntary them selfs to save the society.

So far the trust had significantly contributed to poor families who are in need of support to treat severe ailments. Treatment has been provided in Private Hospitals to the needy and complete medical expenses have been borne by it.

Bright students who aspire for higher education have been adopted by the trust and their educational fees have been sponsored by the trustee.

Going forward, we aim at lending Helping hands to any deserving people across our state and nation.


Mission & Vision of our Managing Trustee

Young Indians Foundations is an Unique organization dedicated to support deserving Youth in India to excel in all fields from Education to Sports.

"Give me 100 energetic Young men, I shall Transform India", said Swami Vivekananda. We at YIF echo his thoughts as we believe in the immense strength lying in the younger generation.

As our name implies, Young Indians Foundations is dedicated to empowering the youth, joining hands with them and serving the society, eventually serving the nation.

"Our motto is to offer Free Education to deserving students, aspiring to attain higher position in life."

YIF’s action against Covid19-Social Responsibility:

YIF trust is now working closely in the Coimbatore city and in the surrounding local villages to provide food kits to the poor community.

100+ volunteers are unitedly working with the Local administration to offer help to the needy.